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Real Estate Upprisal

What Makes Us Different?

We are not dependent on the real estate agent for referrals. Our Inspections with Report take an average of six (6) hours to complete. We encourage our clients to accompany the Inspector throughout the Inspection Process. We simply have more experience with a wider range of property types and construction techniques than other inspectors.

How Your Real Estate Agent Can ‘Trick’ You?

Price. Agents often convince their buyers to “shop for the lowest price.” Inspector Lists. Agents often produce a list of Inspectors that omit the names of the more thorough Inspectors in San Antonio and surrounding areas. The ‘Favorite Inspector’, the agent flat-out tells you that this is the only Inspector that ‘they’ would use.

A House VS. A Home

A house is typically concrete, wood, wiring, pipes, ducts, etc. A home, your home, is that place where you feel ‘Safe and Sound’. In two decades, we have never lost sight of this. You deserve experience, focus, communication skills, and diligence.


Five Star Home Inspections Inc. is a San Antonio based company that has provided inspection services in San Antonio and surrounding Texas cities and counties for over 20 years.

Five Star Home Inspections Inc.’s Chief Inspector, Mark Eberwine, has been Inspecting Homes and Commercial properties, educating clients, and assisting satisfied clients for 24 years.
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