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About us

Five Star Home Inspections Inc. is a San Antonio based company that has provided inspection services in San Antonio and surrounding Texas cities and counties for over 20 years. Five Star Home Inspections Inc.’s Chief Inspector, Mark Eberwine, has been Inspecting Homes and Commercial properties, educating clients, and assisting satisfied clients for 24 years.

Professional Biography for Mark Eberwine

• 2011 President of the Texas Association of Real Estate Inspectors (TAREI)
• Past Director of Legislative & Regulatory Affairs at TAREI
• Past President of the San Antonio Real Estate Inspectors Association
• 2 Terms at the TRCC Warranty & Standards Committee as the Consumer Protection Member
• Consultant to the Inspector Committee at the Texas Real Estate Commission
• Contributor to Construction Defects stories for ABC, NBC, CBS affiliates
• Testimony before various House and Senate Subcommittees specific to Home Building Construction Defects and Binding Arbitration harm to consumers.
• Consumer Advocate working with Texas Watch and Consumers Union on Homebuilding and Construction defects issues.
• Contributor to the Texas Real Estate Commission Inspectors Exam (content and questions)
• Consultant to Texas State Legislature on Construction Defects Legislation and Homebuilder Legislation.
• Professional Inspector, approved to educate/train incoming lnspectors.


Why choose us?

  • Certifications/Licenses

    • EPA Certified Listing for Radon Measurement Proficiency
    • Certified Insurance Adjuster
    • Certified in Environment Site Assessment
    • TREC Professional Inspector
    • TDA/SPCS Certified Applicator and WDI Inspector
    • X-Ray Fluorescence lead-based paint equipment operator
    • Radioactive Materials license

  • Employment Related to Construction

    • Olmos Construction (1974-75)
    • Sergeants Home Inspections Inc.
    • Quality Control Inspector for multiple home builders
    • Home Buyers Warranty 2-10 warranty inspector
    • Expert Witness in Construction Defects litigation
    • Expert Witness in Property Inspection litigation
    • Five Star Home Inspections Inc.


  • "If you're thinking of buying a house or any other real estate, call Mark Eberwine. Mark will find problems, major and minor, that other home inspectors will miss."

    Sylvia Romo client
  • "We thank you for your service and for being very informative and precisive on our new home inspection. Your report made us feel more secure about the decision we made on buying our new home. Our new home is what we expected and with more positives."

    Alex & Janie Sanchez client
  • "Mark did a great inspection on my home before the insulation was installed. One thing that I didn't notice, even after walking through the house multiple times, was that a box window was side ways. Mark caught it and it was fixed. Thanks Mark."

    Jose Saballos client
  • "Mark Eberwine at Five Star Inspections is fantastic. I use him for all my clients (I am a realtor) and just used him on the purchase of a new home for me! Because he is extremely detailed, Mark does an amazing job. He explains everything to the buyer so they understand all about their new home. I recommend Mark Eberwine. He does a great job!"

    Caroline Decherdclient