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Real Estate Upprisal

Understanding The Home Purchase

  • Have you been wondering if you can really afford to buy that dream home? 
  • Home ownership isn’t just about the mortgage payment, taxes and insurance.
  • Home ownership would really be a simple proposition if the only thing you had to worry about was the ‘house payment’. 
  • If you are reading this, chances are you are in the process of owning what is known as ‘The American Dream’.
  • Don’t let the dream become the ‘Nightmare’ on Your Street. 
  • If you don’t learn about the true condition of the home you are about to purchase, your home could end up costing you tens of thousands more than you anticipated.
  • Take advantage of Five Star Home Inspections practical and focused Home Inspections. 
  • Our Inspections go into significant detail about the true condition of the house you are considering purchasing.

  • If you are paying market value or below market value for a home, what may seem like a fair price or a ‘steal’, may come with some disastrous future consequences. 
  • If the house is priced at market value, yet you are going to have to replace the roof in a year, wouldn’t it be nice to know that just one year you will have 5 to 15 thousand dollars more into the house than it is worth?
  • If the house is priced below market value, yet the house foundation is faulty, the plumbing system is leaking below the slab, the house has improperly installed siding and/or decayed siding, faulty windows, and a 20 year old air conditioning system, wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you went through with the purchase that you will have to put an additional 30-100 thousand dollars $$$ into the house? 
  • As a reminder, virtually all houses have defects.  In fact, we’ve never inspected a house that did not have defects.
  • At Five Star Home Inspections we provide you a professionally prepared Inspection Report that provides you with extensive information about the condition of the house. 
  • Our reports allow you to focus on what is important to you and your loved ones.
  • We prefer that you attend the entire Inspection, following the Inspector where practical, and asking as many questions about your prospective home as you need, to gain a clear understanding of the true condition of the property.
  • We want you to be safe and sound in the house that you purchase.